Meet our Staff

Claudia Sepulveda
Dental Hygienist

Family Dentistry

We have served a large community in Toronto for the last twelve years and have built a strong relation with our patients because we care.  We take care of family members of all ages, from kids to seniors. We deal with small children and young adults in a friendly, accommodating and patient manner. We recognize that some kids and adults fear dental work and have a strong emotional reaction when visiting the dentist. For that reason we openly discuss your fears and manage it in the best possible way.

  • A healthy person should visit the dentist at least twice a year.  But depending on your age and other personal circumstances it may require a more frequent assessment. Even people with good dental care require professional care regularly.
  • It is recommended that x-rays are taken when needed, but at least once a year.
  • We promote good oral hygiene in particular flossing and brushing techniques.
  • We promote a healthy nutrition and educate about factors that have an impact in your dental health.
  • We help you assess your specific needs for other over-the-counter or medicated Antiseptic oral cleanser.

To serve our community better our receptionists are bi-lingual in English and Spanish. We speak the language of our community; you can easily hear Spanish, Portuguese and Russian in our offices.



"Completely satisfied with the service and attention I've received. They are very friendly making the time there very harmonious and relaxing . Dr. Iriarte is a professional and I highly recommend her to everyone I know."
Sandra M.


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