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Yolanda León
Dental Hygienist

Cosmetic Dentistry

Did you know that most of the personal related decisions are taken in the first ten seconds of a relationship? We always get comments back from our patients after their cosmetic treatments about the benefits that they have obtained, in some cases even after a minor and immediate procedure like teeth whitening. They have told us that their self esteem has increased and they are living more fulfilling lives. Some even have commented how people around them just approach them differently. Some indicate that their state of mind is just different; they feel happier, younger or just more successful.

Your smile plays a vital role in your every day life, in fact your teeth are one of the focal points of your face. Our dentists can provide alternatives that can help you almost immediately to regain your self esteem. Do not cover your mouth anymore; you deserve achieving your greatest potential.

We have the right equipment and can provide treatments in which you will see immediate results. You can look more attractive and with a renewed sense of self-esteem just by improving your teeth appearance and restoring your smile.

We routinely perform whitening treatments, veneers, crowns, bridges and dentures. We assess your needs looking for the best solution for you. Due to our expertise, new materials, and equipment, some dental treatments are now more accessible. Schedule an appointment today for a total dental and cosmetic assessment.  

Because we are result oriented, together we can make you smile again.


"My eight year old son was very afraid of sitting on the dentist chair, he even refuses to open his mouth. Dr Iriarte was just amazing demonstrating exceptional empathy and care. Since then, my son likes to go to the dentist for his regular check outs. Thank you so much Dr. Iriarte!"
Janeth - Woodbridge, Ontario.


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