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We reviewed and updated our strict infection control standards and protocols to ensure your safety and the safety of our team.

Things will be a bit different but our commitment and caring values are unchanged.

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The Team at Park Hill Dentistry 
Dr. Monica Iriarte. 

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Dr. Monica Iriarte
Principal Dentist


We are a dental family practice, our patients include children, teenagers, adults and seniors. We offer a variety of services, from preventive and routine dental care services that include education on flossing, brushing, and procedures like sealants, to more sophisticated dental work like implants.

The following is a list of the dental procedures that we perform regularly:

Scheduled dental checkups: examinations/assessments: Prevention is the best investment in your dental health. Periodic, regular and scheduled dental checkups combined with good oral hygiene can really help you maintain your teeth in good health.

Sealants:  We use it to protect dental surfaces from decay, especially useful for kids and teens.

Radiographs (Digital x-rays) and Diagnosis: Digital X -Rays are very low risk diagnostic tool that helps to find cavities or other dental/bone issues that might go undetected otherwise.

Scaling: This procedure removes dental plaque and calculus from the gum pockets which causes inflammation. This is one of the major causes of gingivitis that over time can become a more serious periodontal disease.

Assessment of Gum / Gum Disease: We assess your periodontal health and monitor the depth of the gum to ensure adequate treatment and care. We also apply corrective treatments to reduce tooth sensitivity like fillings or make suggestions about improvements to your brushing/flossing techniques.

Fluoridation: Re-mineralisation of enamel to prevent tooth decay (dental caries).

Mouth Guards: Nightguards, Sports Mouthguards and deprogramming mouthpieces: Nightguards are custom made mouthpiece that protects damage for involuntary grinding or clenching while you sleep, Sport Mouthguards protect the teeth from impact during active sports. Deprogramming mouthpiece help to relax the jaw muscles for people with severe and chronic pain.

Teeth Whitening: This procedure gives a fresh and visible improvement to your smile. We have a state of the art laser equipment to provide an exceptional experience, your smile will look whiter today.

Fillings: When cavities are detected we do fillings to protect the piece. We match the color of the filler with your teeth color to ensure a proper cosmetic appearance.

Root Canal treatments (Endodontic Treatment): This procedure is required for the treatment of tooth infections or tooth fractures whenever the pulp of the tooth is affected. It can save the tooth and prevent further complications.

Periodontal treatment with laser technology: modern procedure to eliminate inflammation, bleeding and irritation of the gums.

Extractions (Exodontia) / Wisdom Tooth: We do tooth extraction when it is the best procedure to follow and/or the tooth is beyond possible repair. We carefully assess patients with wisdom tooth to identify the need of removing them. In certain cases, this procedure is recommended as a preventive treatment due to position, size or orientation of the piece.

A detailed clinical examination and treatment plan is needed to select adequate treatment when dealing with veneers, implants, crowns, bridges and dentures. We discuss with honesty and transparency the best treatment options and cost, so that you have a forehand understanding of the overall procedure.

Veneers:  We use veneer, a thin layer of restorative material, to either protect a damaged tooth surface or to enhance the aesthetics appearance of a fractured, discolored, damaged, or worn away tooth.

Implants:  We perform this procedure aiming to recover the functional and aesthetics appearance. The latest techniques that we use make this one of the most effective procedures when dealing with lost tooth.

Crowns (Tooth cover), metal free e-max porcelain restoration when case allows. Bridges (artificially hold a set of artificial tooth) and Dentures (Dental Plate): Many of our patients use these prosthetics and in some cases those may be a suitable alternative or part of the total solution. We help our patients to ensure that this prosthetics are in good shape, fit properly and are functional. We also routinely deal with adjustments, changes, and replacements of prosthetics.

Orthodontics: We provide orthodontic treatments with Invisalign, to straighten teeth without metal braces.

This list is not exhaustive, if in doubt please call us to book an appointment.


"My eight year old son was very afraid of sitting on the dentist chair, he even refuses to open his mouth. Dr Iriarte was just amazing demonstrating exceptional empathy and care. Since then, my son likes to go to the dentist for his regular check outs. Thank you so much Dr. Iriarte!"
Janeth - Woodbridge, Ontario.


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