Meet our Staff

Yolanda León
Dental Hygienist

About Us

Our mission is to provide excellent service to all patients while being result oriented towards their oral issues.

We believe in:

Highest Quality

In performing the work at the best of our capabilities and knowledge.

Empathy and Kindness

Understanding patient’s centered concerns including pain and fear.


In proposing, diagnosing and treat-planning patient’s oral concerns. 

In dealing with employees, contractors and third parties associated to the practice.


In understanding patients' fears and phobias towards dental treatments.

Meet the Team

This is our experienced and committed dental team:

Principal Dentist
Dental Hygienist
Dental Hygienist
Dental Assistant
Dental Assistant

Dr. Monica Iriarte

Dr. Iriarte graduated as a Dentist at the Colombian School of Dentistry, Bogota, Colombia in 1990. She completed her social service as a part of her professional degree in San Agustin, Colombia and then she practiced for about two years in a private practice in Bogota.

Dr. Iriarte moved to Toronto in September 1993 where she pursued her dental certification and obtained the NDEB certification as a Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1997.
She worked in two different dental offices for several years, until she opened her own dental practice on June 2003.

Dr. Iriarte is always upgrading her skills and she has recently completed a comprehensive implant maxi course from a reputable, well accredited implant program in Ontario. She is also continuously taking courses abroad in cosmetic dentistry, smile makeovers, and the latest techniques available in the market. She strives to stay on top of all the advancements in her field.

Dr. Iriarte is an active member of the ODA-Ontario Dental Association; the AGD-Ontario Academy of General Dentistry;and the AAID-Academy of Advance Implant Dentistry.

Yolanda León

Yolanda graduated as a Dental Assistant at CDI College in 2003. After working for years in chairside assisting/reception, she decided to pursue her career even further at the Toronto College of Dental Hygiene, and graduated as a registered dental hygienist in 2008. Yolanda joined the team in 2009.

She strives to provide the best quality care for our patients and enjoys working in a team, providing positive support to all her colleagues.

Claudia Sepulveda

Claudia is one of our experienced certified dental hygienists. She graduated with honours from the Islington Dental Academy Dental Hygiene Program in 2010 (and previously as a Dental Assistant from George Brown College in 2007).

She joined our team in 2015. As a dental health care provider she continues to upgrade her skills and education by regularly attending to continuing education seminars.

Claudia enjoys helping people attain a better quality of life by providing excellent professional and throughout care to all the her clients.

Fatima Villaneuve

Fatima graduated as a level II Dental Assistant from Medix College in July 2014, given her the opportunity to work with the community, as she did in Brazil, when she used to work as a computer instructor and school teacher.

She joined our team in 2015. Her role in the office involves chairside assisting, enforcing sterilization protocols and ordering dental supplies.

Fatima is always committed to providing a personalized dental treatment according to patients' needs and expectations.

Yuditza Calas

Yuditza obtained her Dental Assistant level II certification from Medix College in September 2015.

She joined our team in April 2015. Her role in the office involves chairside assisting and various secretarial duties.

Yuditza is fluent in both Spanish and English, and her spontaneous personality, enthusiasm, and optimism bring a smile to everyone around.

Danie Vieira

Danie joined our dental team in June 2006. Her role as a secretary has been invaluable for the office, as she is responsible for the front desk along with several administrative duties. Her eagerness to cooperate and assist patients in the smallest details enriches even more her approachable personality.

Danie completed a certification program in Dental Practice Management at the University of Toronto in April 2012. She is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


"For many years Dr. Iriarte has taken care of my oral health. She has done so with the utmost professionalism, respect and positive attitude that always leaves a smile on my face. Her knowledge of dentistry and available treatments has always been a reason to recommend her practice to my friends. I know trust Dr. Iriarte with the health of my whole family."
JMar - Dec 2015


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